Reincarnation Coaching

A Reincarnation Workbook

Crossing the Bridge - a reincarnation workbook

How would your life change if you knew you were eternal?  Reincarnation coaching can help you find out.  

Why are you here?

This workbook was written to give you guidance in helping you understand more about who you really are any why you are here on this amazing planet we call Eath.


The soul never dies but simply transitions back and forth between its eternal life and its temporary ego life, like crossing a bridge.

Where have you come from-where are you going?

Understanding your past gives you a deeper, more meaningful appreciation of your current life.  You will come to understand your particular likes or dislikes, challenges, talents, and relationships.

Life is a School

If life is a school, doesn't it seem logical that we would progress through different levels or classes of learning, and that we take those lessons from one class to the next?

What do we learn?

According to Brian Weiss, MD, a leading researcher and practitioner of past-life therapy, we learn lessons of immortality, anger management, health, empathy, compassion, understanding, nonviolence, relationships, security, free will and destiny, contemplation and medication, spirituality, and the greatest lesson of all - Love.

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