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We make nutrition education fun!

We make nutrition education fun!

We make nutrition education fun!


Children's health is so important and we want children to eat healthy food -- but no one is making it fun to teach them about kids nutrition and exercise.  

We figure if Sesame Street® characters can teach the a-b-c's and 1-2-3's and Barney® teaches manners & imagination, then surely, Harmony, Halo and the Glow Kids can teach kid good health habits.  


The Glow Kids are the nutrients we all need to be healthy:

Vinny Vitamin

Missy Mineral

Essie Enzyme

Ozzie Oxygen, and, of course, we all need

Eddie Exercise

Wally Water

Harmony, the healthy cell

We make nutrition education fun!

We make nutrition education fun!


 We've done beta tests at Boys & Girls Clubs in Georgia & California and public schools in Nevada; our unique characters are proven to delight and make it fun to learn all about  fitness and nutrition.

A mother in Philadelphia told us that her pre-diabetic 4-year old daughter quit eating sugar because, "Harmony doesn't like it."  

And a second-grade schoolteacher who used our program said parents reported to her, "Harmony has become a household word." 

Now you can introduce your little one to Harmony & Halo!  When they learn to eat right, they will grow ... and Glow with good health!

Safari Club

We make nutrition education fun!

Health & School Fairs


  Safari Club is a nutrition education program for Scout Troops, Boys & Girls Clubs, home schools, etc.

We believe it should be fun to learn about the human body and good nutrition - so we created some questions that are both entertaining and engaging.

Here are some questions:


Your body is amazing. How does each of these relate to your body?

Two trips around the earth: 

A tennis court: 

A five-mile run: 

A 75-mile trip at 140 mph: 

10 million shades: 

30,000 to 40,000 times a minute: 

Health & School Fairs

Children love Harmony & Halo

Health & School Fairs


 Students coloring pictures of Harmony at Back to School fair.

Children love Harmony & Halo

Children love Harmony & Halo

Children love Harmony & Halo


We love to read stories about Harmony, Halo and the Glow Kids to  primary school children!  

Presentations are fun!

Children love Harmony & Halo

Children love Harmony & Halo


Our presentations for pre-school and primary students use numbers and colors as well as fun facts about foods. Kids relate to our cartoon characters of various  body parts - such as Betty Brain, Larry Liver, and Sally Skin.  This presentation was for 500 children at Ferguson Elementary School.

Growing Up Healthy

Jamie Oliver - Healthy Kids

Jamie Oliver

World renowned chef and healthy food advocate, Jamie Oliver, is campaigning for healthy kids - and our Glow Kids cartoon characters were created years ago with that goal in mind.  We applaud Jamie's endeavors and we're doing our part to make kids nutrition education FUN.