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We make nutrition education fun!

Children's health is so important and we want children to eat healthy food -- but no one is making it fun to teach them about kids nutrition and exercise.  

We figure if Sesame Street® characters can teach the a-b-c's and 1-2-3's and Barney® teaches manners & imagination, then surely, Harmony, Halo and the Glow Kids can teach kid good health habits.  


The Glow Kids are the nutrients we all need to be healthy:

Vinny Vitamin

Missy Mineral

Essie Enzyme

Ozzie Oxygen, and, of course, we all need

Eddie Exercise

Wally Water

Harmony, the healthy cell

 We've done beta tests at Boys & Girls Clubs in Georgia & California and public schools in Nevada; our unique characters are proven to delight and make it fun to learn all about  fitness and nutrition.

A mother in Philadelphia told us that her pre-diabetic 4-year old daughter quit eating sugar because, "Harmony doesn't like it."  

And a second-grade schoolteacher who used our program said parents reported to her, "Harmony has become a household word." 

Now you can introduce your little one to Harmony & Halo!  When they learn to eat right, they will grow ... and Glow with good health!

Safari Club

  Safari Club is a nutrition education program for Scout Troops, Boys & Girls Clubs, home schools, etc.

We believe it should be fun to learn about the human body and good nutrition - so we created some questions that are both entertaining and engaging.

Here are some questions:


Your body is amazing. How does each of these relate to your body?

Two trips around the earth: 

A tennis court: 

A five-mile run: 

A 75-mile trip at 140 mph: 

10 million shades: 

30,000 to 40,000 times a minute: 

Health & School Fairs

 Students coloring pictures of Harmony at Back to School fair.

Children love Harmony & Halo

We love to read stories about Harmony, Halo and the Glow Kids to  primary school children!  

Presentations are fun!

Our presentations for pre-school and primary students use numbers and colors as well as fun facts about foods. Kids relate to our cartoon characters of various  body parts - such as Betty Brain, Larry Liver, and Sally Skin.  This presentation was for 500 children at Ferguson Elementary School.

Growing Up Healthy

Jamie Oliver - Healthy Kids

Jamie Oliver

World renowned chef and healthy food advocate, Jamie Oliver, is campaigning for healthy kids - and our Glow Kids cartoon characters were created years ago with that goal in mind.  We applaud Jamie's endeavors and we're doing our part to make kids nutrition education FUN.